I’m a philosophy professor at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota, where I study, teach, and write about ethics and character development.

In my writing (like Ethical Excellence)–and in my classes and talks–I show that the ethical life really is the good life. Developing ethical virtues like generosity and gratitude won’t cost your happiness–in fact, virtue is a big part of what makes a fulfilling life possible!

Ethical Excellence is an amazing achievement. Drawing on ancient Greek and Confucian philosophy, contemporary psychology, interviews with sixteen living exemplars, and her own lived experience, Heidi Giebel takes us on a fascinating tour of the virtues and what it is to live a life of excellence. Highly recommended!”

—Christian Miller, Wake Forest University and Director of the Honesty Project

Click here for a short description of my book–with stories and photos of some of the moral exemplars I interviewed.

I also put a short backstory about how and why I wrote the book on the publisher’s blog.